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Product details

Alginate-based separating solution, plaster/resin
Product description:

Special alginate-based separating agent for separating plaster surfaces from heat-curing and cold-curing PMMA denture matrials.

Water, alginate, preservative. The product is free of formaldehyde.

Field of application:
MOR-ISO is suitable for all fabrication techniques and work in dental prosthetics where isolation of plaster against PMMA based materials is required.

Completely remove wax residues, grease and dirt from the plaster model or the plaster surfaces to be isolated. Then thoroughly water the model until no more air bubbles escape from the plaster.
After watering, allow the surface to dry briefly.

Pour the required amount of isolation into the measuring cup and apply a thin layer 1-2 times with a soft brush. Wash out the used brush and discard the remaining isolation.
Excess isolation can be carefully rinsed off under running water, then allow the model to air dry until a silky sheen has formed on the surface.

Important notes:

  • Soaking the plaster model in warm water accelerates the soaking and drying of the isolation.
  • Do not allow the first layer of isolation to dry completely before applying the second layer
  • Never return residual isolation to the original container or dip the brush used into the bottle. This will result in contamination and therefore destruction of the isolation solution.

Storage and Safety Measures:
Store at temperatures not exceeding 25°C [77°F]. Protect from sunligh Close containers immediately after use.

Delivery forms:
Additional sizes upon request