Crown waxes

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Product details

  • the well-proven all-round crown wax for the crown and bridge technique
  • very good characteristics for the preparation of wax-up and carving techniques
  • opaque and intensive colouration of the waxes makes the contours in wax-ups easy to see
  • very good wax-up qualities
  • minimal shrinkage
  • very good fitting accuracy
  • easy to carve
  • available in two colours: grey and dark green
    grey: setting point: 80,5 °C, ash content: 0.106
    dark green: setting point: 83,5 °C, ash contend 0.000
  • available in clip-clap tins of 65 g
  • available in cylindres of 70 g



dark green, Gray


65 g, 70 g


cylindre, tin