Aesthetic wax

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Product details

  • burns without residue
  • for understanding and fabricating wax patterns or teeth in their natural shape and colour · low contraction
  • good flowing and carving characteristics · high surface density / opaque
  • the exact waxed pattern is immediately recognisable
  • the opaque colours enable the contours to be clearly visible
  • available in four colours from ivory to brown
    ivory: Setting point: 82 °C; Ash content: 0.127 cream: Setting point: 85 °C; Ash content 0.077
    light brown: Setting point: 85 °C; Ash content: 0.160 brown: Setting point: 80 °C; Ash content 0.003
  • available in clip-clap tins of 65 g
  • available in cylindres of 70 g



Brown, Cream, ivory, light brown


65 g, 70 g


cylindre, tin